Guilty is a community of players from all over Europe and beyond who aim to push the bleeding edge of progression in all aspects of the game but above all have fun doing it. Guilty is a guild which has survived the best and worst of times, yet our image still remains untarnished. We are always looking for people that fit our guild profile and like to encourage like minded people to join us in our endeavors.
The guild promotes a friendly atmosphere in which members enjoy everything World of Warcraft has to offer. As such, we do not tolerate any behavior that treats others with disrespect or does not go with the spirit of the guild.

There are many knowledgeable and extremely friendly folks in the guild and finding help is never an issue. Guild members are highly encouraged to partake in guild events which are held on a frequent basis to further promote the spirit of a solid guild community.

Do you have extensive knowledge about your class/spec and keep up to date with current theory crafting?
Do you have experience of raiding challenging content?
Do you think you have the potential to be "Guilty"?
If so then apply now, we will give all serious applications serious consideration.


Guild History

Guilty is a guild that has been around for many, many years. We are a progressional (Semi) hardcore raiding guild with a huge social aspect. We like to see ourselves more as an online community or family then as a guild. Coming from a dead server where progression stagnated in MoP for us, due to the lack of players, we have moved ourselves to Silvermoon in the hope of finding decent like minded raiders such as ourselves. We have been around since the beginning of this game, raiding as a guild since Naxxramas days. In this time we have cleared all raid content on both normal and HC modes. We are currently 1/10 & 7/7 Mythic and 3/3 HC.Our progress would have been a lot more if we would have the ppl for it but we are usually short to actually run mythic. This current progress has been made on 2 Mythic raid nights total.  We are looking for mature, progressional raiders that understand the concept of this game and their class. We aim for those that want to get the best out of their character and strives to beat everyone else while at it. We are PVE based, looking mainly for Mythic raiders.

However, every night there is something going on outside of raid nights including alt raiding, normal runs, pugs and even daytime raids. Therefore we also accept (some) social players of any class/spec when we find their application appealing. We have a large guild with a lot of active members. Should people be interested in making their own raids or bringing in a small grop of their own, we can possibly arrange for this. Even for the odd raid leader out there, we have a large player base that no doubt would like to come along to your events should you be looking for a job within our ranks.


What do we offer?

We offer an organized, permanent and diverse raid and game experience. We look to push the boundaries of this realms progression, look to enjoy all aspects of the game and provide capable raid leaders, a stable guild environment and a good social atmosphere along with nice and capable players. We plan to stick around, as we have done in the past years and to enjoy all game aspects with good, fun and social people that enjoy this game as much as we do. If this sounds like the guild for you and you are over 18 years of age, then apply today!


Guild Facebook group:

Guild officers: Pryora(GM), Kazondruid, Tostal, Legionsbane, Karstine & Hiiq

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