To get an idea of who we are and what we are like in raids, here are some video's both old and new for you to enjoy. If you like our athmosphere in raids, then wait no longer and apply ! We are always looking for good, solid and decent raiders. 




 Guilty VS Mythic Twin Ogron (first kill, killed on beserk)

 Guilty VS Ko'ragh 30 man Heroic

Guilty VS Kromog HC (First kill)

 Sha of pride HC first kill ever (and the worst kill ever, tank powah!)


Guilty VS Mannoroth HC (First kill)

 Guilty VS Blackhand HC (First kill)

Hellfire assault HC

Guilty VS Komrok HC 


Old, Old, Oldschool Guilty

Guilty VS Festergut (10man)


Guilty vs Halfus 10man


Guilty vs Toravon the Ice Watcher


Guilty " Salt and Pepper " Achieve