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re: App: Yanaku

The application submitted by Yanaku is as follows:

Name : Yanaku
Game : World of Warcraft
Server : EU - English - Silvermoon
Level : 110
Gender : Male
Faction : Alliance
Race : Human
Class : Monk
Spec 1 : Windwalker

WoW Armory
WoW Heroes

General Questions:

I have read, understood, and I am in agreement with Guilty’s guild philosophy, rules and loot distribution.:

Are you applying with your main character?:

Are you applying as a Social Member, HC Raider or Mythic Raider?:
Mythic Raider

Guilds and Expectations:

What are you looking to gain from joining the guild?:
Sounds corny but I'm hoping to find a group of friends that I can progress seriously with. But also chill on TS with, have a a good time and maybe even eventually meet up...?

Do you know anyone who is currently a member in Guilty?:
I'm currently a trail and have a few conversations with people.

What is your previous guild history, and why did you leave / why are you looking to leave your current guild?:
I'm returning from a hiatus since the start of Legion so not much recent guild history. Before that i was with a guild through MoP & WoD but that fell apart at the launch of legion. Hence the hiatus. Before that I was in a guild from Vanilla. United Kingdoms on Darkspear EU, joined their core team in Kara and raided with them until WoTLK. Cata was a mish mash of guild hoping and attempting to create my own guild. Did not work. No guild I've left has been on bad terms, i try not to burn bridges.

Personal Questions:

How old are you?:

Please mark your knowledge in English (both oral and written) in the scale below. 1 means very poor knowledge and 5 means excellent knowledge.:

Do you have Teamspeak 3, or do you have the ability to work with it.:

Are you able to talk on Teamspeak?:

Class Specific:

In your own words, describe your role on Xavius in the Emerald Nightmare:
Phase 1: Spread, drop blades in a good place, and DPS down priority add depending on dream state.

Phase 2: Move to player to break bonds, focus add.

Both phases: Very important to keep an eye on your corruption level. DO NOT reach 100 corruption! And soak them meteors booyyy.

What are your spell and ability priorities?:
Touch of Death, Fits of Fury (RiP in 7.2.5), Artifact ability and Dragon punch are the main things to keep on CD. Then it becomes a resource balancing act between Rising Sun Kick, Tiger Palm and Blackout Kick. But always make sure you have enough resources to use the prior abilities when off CD. Earth, Wind and Fire is our "Big Cooldown". Has two charges and again should be kept on CD. Unless! Waiting a few seconds means you can line it up with of the first, hard hitting abilities.

List the most important addons that you use for your class and performance (raid frames, threat, procs, cooldown managment, etc).:
Skada. I kid...Tell Me When and BigWigs are the two big ones for me. Preparation and Knowledge is the key to raiding and these give you both in abundance.

What is your stat priority? Please explain why.:
Agility - Mastery - Crit - Vers - Haste. Although it is still being debated. Windwalkers don't have a bad stat that they should avoid. However, Mastery is always the king. This is because of Combo Strikes, which links in with our 90 talent Hit Combo which grants us a damage boost if our spell isnt a copy of our previous one.


What is your raid experience, past and present and how long have you been raiding for?:
I've been raiding, mostly "casually" since BC. Not many Cutting Edges to report but enough experience that I could have. I've just never taken that "next step".

Tell us more about your PC performance and connection. Do you have delay/lag/disconnections during raid encounters?:
No issues. PC is custom built and has a wired connection to router.

Our raids take place on Wednesday,Thursday & Monday for progression raiding. They always start at 9:00pm UCT+1(realm time) and end at 12:00pm UCT+1(realm time), how many of these will you be able to attend?:
All of them, no problem.

Please link your armory. :

Please link some logs for you in a raid. If not available and you play a healer / DPS role, what is your average HPS or DPS in a raid?:

How do you go about learning the tactics for a fight?:
Usually watch Fatboss, Signs of Kelani, read the journal AND check Peak of Serenity to see if there is a Monk specific guide to the fight

Do you have any issues wiping several times on a boss?:
Absolutely not

Please link a screenshot of your UI(User Interface) in a RAID or DUNGEON environment. - You can use or any similar service to upload the image.:


Is there anything else you would like to add?:
I know i'm the guild as a trial but i thought I'd fill this out anyway. Hopefully it does more good than harm!

Tell us why we should accept your application ( aka sell yourself & convince us) :
I can be a genuine asset to the team with my vast experience of World of Warcraft as a whole. I'll try my best to fit in with the team and attempt to forge lasting friendships with all the members. But most importantly, I can bring down bosses!

Application Availability Info:
Sunday -> Always
Monday -> Always
Tuesday -> Always
Wednesday -> Always
Thursday -> Always
Friday -> Always
Saturday -> Always
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