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re: TOS boss 6: The Desolate Host


The Desolate Host is a unique encounter where the raid will engage two bosses simultaneously in separate planes; the Corporeal Realm and the Spirit Realm. In the Corporeal Realm, the Engine of Souls will summon fallen Night Elf spirits to engage the raid, while Soul Queen Dejahna will engage the players in the Spirit Realm along with allies of her own. When the Engine of Souls reaches 30% health, a vast amount of spirits will coalesce into The Desolate Host and attack the group.

The Engine of Souls and Soul Queen Dejahna share a health pool throughout the encounter.

Players can access the Spirit Realm by interacting with the Spiritual Fonts found at various points around the edges of the arena.

4. TL;DR

4.1. Tanks

  • Ensure Shattering Scream Icon Shattering Scream strikes the adds in the Corporeal Realm when they are affected by Bonecage Armor Icon Bonecage Armor.
  • Swap realms with the tank in the Corporeal Realm (if necessary) during casts of Wailing Souls Icon Wailing Souls if Crush Mind Icon Crush Mind is not interrupted and begins to stack to fatal levels.

4.2. Healers

4.3. All Players

  • If targeted by Tormented Cries Icon Tormented Cries, get to the edge of the room.
  • If targeted by Spear of Anguish Icon Spear of Anguish, get to the edge of the room.
  • If tethered by Soulbind Icon Soulbind, immediately move to your partner in the opposing realm.
  • Keep an even spread in the Corporeal Realm and avoid standing near players of the opposing realm.
  • Be conscious of Rupturing Slam Icon Rupturing Slam as it deals heavy damage and knocks back anyone hit.

5. Positioning

The raid should be split evenly into 2 groups, one for each realm. Each group should occupy half the arena, split vertically, to avoid taking damage from each other due to Dissonance Icon Dissonance. An even spread is important for the Corporeal group. The Spirit group should be careful about any Soul Rot Icon Soul Rot left behind by Soul Residue.

6. Bloodlust/Heroism/Time Warp

It is recommended to use Bloodlust Icon Bloodlust when the boss reaches 30% health, as The Desolate Host will spawn. This forces as desperate race to the fight's conclusion as Torment Icon Torment will quickly stack to unhealable levels and force a raid wipe.


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