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re: DECLINED - App: Tiarany - by Deripriest


In a guild called Old, love it ;) Deri informed me yesterday about this application, Looks good. We'll see you on Monday and then we can decide if we like each other ;) 


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re: App: Tiarany

The application submitted by Tiarany is as follows:

Name : tiarany
Game : World of Warcraft
Server : EU - English - Silvermoon
Level : 110
Gender : Female
Faction : Alliance
Race : Draenei
Class : Shaman
Spec 1 : Resto
Spec 2 : Elemental

WoW Armory
WoW Heroes

General Questions:

I have read, understood, and I am in agreement with Guilty’s guild philosophy, rules and loot distribution.:

Are you applying with your main character?:

Are you applying as a Social Member, HC Raider or Mythic Raider?:
HC or Mythic depends what your doing

Guilds and Expectations:

What are you looking to gain from joining the guild?:
raid times that dont kill me, hopefully people to hang with out of raid times and if i have the free time stuff to do that helps others in the guild

Do you know anyone who is currently a member in Guilty?:

What is your previous guild history, and why did you leave / why are you looking to leave your current guild?:
previous guild history hmmmm way back when i was on terenas was in the same guild for years and years but 20 man mythic raidign killed recruitment so moved to silvermoon was then in another guild for ages went baby sitting my sisters kids one night came back on and half the raid team had left so again guildless then moved to my current guild love the guys but the raid times usually carry over til midnight my time and as i work at 6.30 am its killing meh in my old age had the last 3 months of work so hadnt been a problem but i am now back at work

Personal Questions:

How old are you?:

Please mark your knowledge in English (both oral and written) in the scale below. 1 means very poor knowledge and 5 means excellent knowledge.:

Do you have Teamspeak 3, or do you have the ability to work with it.:

Are you able to talk on Teamspeak?:

Class Specific:

In your own words, describe your role on Xavius in the Emerald Nightmare:
oh wow its been ages so i heal ppl haha make sure they dont die:-) ok seriously depending on difficulty make sure im not stacked on people so that when them evil things appeared they could be soaked by dreamers make sure im in right place for dreaming dispell if im dreaming for the life of me cant remember stacks the tank goes to now vaguely remember 3 stacks and later more and dont stand in blades path tbh i guess as a helaer its all about making sure im stood in right place and actually healing oh and if assigned pop hero when raid lead said:-)

What are your spell and ability priorities?:
hmmm not so much here use stream on cd and cloud if im talented to it unless its needed to burst heal into at a certain phase, rip tide on cd and on the tanks ideally, really depends on fight and my talents at the time save back healing cds or make sure they are off cd for when needed or called for by raid lead but well you know for a healer it all depends on the situation learn the fight and learn when spells are best placed to keep ppl alive

List the most important addons that you use for your class and performance (raid frames, threat, procs, cooldown managment, etc).:
dbm vuhdo weak aura

What is your stat priority? Please explain why.:
depends if im doing progression or farm but always int first then mastery crit haste but usualy the gear decides what my stat prio is rather than me although i do play around with mastery heavy crit heavy or haste heavy builds just to see what works on what fights and again it depends what other healers are in the team


What is your raid experience, past and present and how long have you been raiding for?:
arrr this is the one that always stumps me as my memory is crap raided on a mage first in blackwing decent until dragon souls i think thats about the time i switched to a healer as the raid team needed a reliable healer with a hero and well havnt looked back since prefer healing over dps any day most but not all raids ive eventually raided mythic

Tell us more about your PC performance and connection. Do you have delay/lag/disconnections during raid encounters?:
comp appaers to keep me online most of the time only problem lately has been really long loading screens so i just make sure im prepared in raids and dont need to pop out for tomes or the like

Our raids take place on Wednesday,Thursday & Monday for progression raiding. They always start at 9:00pm UCT+1(realm time) and end at 12:00pm UCT+1(realm time), how many of these will you be able to attend?:
all of the raids

Please link your armory. :

Please link some logs for you in a raid. If not available and you play a healer / DPS role, what is your average HPS or DPS in a raid?:
oh thats completly dependant on fight and if there are lots of healers or not or if ppl mess up or not resto shammy mastery thing but yer well any where from 350 to 750 liek i say too big a range depending on fight

How do you go about learning the tactics for a fight?:
websites and videos first then i play around in lfr surprsing what ya can learn there also look at logs of other shammy healers see when they are popping their healing cds and well then on the job training

Do you have any issues wiping several times on a boss?:
haha its enevitable darn my spellign that looks wrong haha is why i wrote 4 and not 5 for english

Please link a screenshot of your UI(User Interface) in a RAID or DUNGEON environment. - You can use or any similar service to upload the image.:
omg really its a mess will have to do this one later if ya really want it


Is there anything else you would like to add?:
chatted with one of you guildies earlier would like to raid with you guys on monday first before doing a guild swap just so i can see how you guys interact with each other

Tell us why we should accept your application ( aka sell yourself & convince us) :
this part im crap at for raiding i sadly have a 100% raid attendance always prepared for raid and on time and well as a person im not too bad except on sundays apparently im god awful then cuz this is when i like to drink but ill avoid any kinda guild voice comms then so as to not drive ppl crazy

Application Availability Info:
Sunday -> Don\'t Know
Monday -> Don\'t Know
Tuesday -> Don\'t Know
Wednesday -> Don\'t Know
Thursday -> Don\'t Know
Friday -> Don\'t Know
Saturday -> Don\'t Know
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