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re: App: Varsen


/w one of the officers when you can


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re: App: Varsen


Please delete my app I accidentally pressed enter before I finished it. Sorry about the trouble.


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re: App: Varsen

The application submitted by Varsen is as follows:

Name : Einhart
Game : World of Warcraft
Server : EU - English - Silvermoon
Level : 110
Gender : Female
Faction : Alliance
Race : Pandaren
Class : Monk
Spec 1 : Windwalker
Spec 2 : Mistweaver

WoW Armory
WoW Heroes

General Questions:

I have read, understood, and I am in agreement with Guilty’s guild philosophy, rules and loot distribution.:

Are you applying with your main character?:

Are you applying as a Social Member, HC Raider or Mythic Raider?:
HC Raider

Guilds and Expectations:

What are you looking to gain from joining the guild?:
The ability to do content with a full group of friends made in the guild.

Do you know anyone who is currently a member in Guilty?:

What is your previous guild history, and why did you leave / why are you looking to leave your current guild?:
My current guild is my first raiding guild and the reason why I want to leave is because we don't have enough members to do full guild runs for raids and have to pick up a lot of pugs.

Personal Questions:

How old are you?:

Please mark your knowledge in English (both oral and written) in the scale below. 1 means very poor knowledge and 5 means excellent knowledge.:

Do you have Teamspeak 3, or do you have the ability to work with it.:

Are you able to talk on Teamspeak?:

Class Specific:

What is your stat priority? Please explain why.:


What is your raid experience, past and present and how long have you been raiding for?:
I started raiding in Legion, no experience in previous expansions. Currently I'm at 4/10 HC NH.

Tell us more about your PC performance and connection. Do you have delay/lag/disconnections during raid encounters?:
I have a stable framerate and connection at 30mbps. Delays happen but are rare.

Our raids take place on Wednesday,Thursday & Monday for progression raiding. They always start at 9:00pm UCT+1(realm time) and end at 12:00pm UCT+1(realm time), how many of these will you be able to attend?:
Every single one.

Please link your armory. :

Please link some logs for you in a raid. If not available and you play a healer / DPS role, what is your average HPS or DPS in a raid?:
Average is between 350k and 450k.

How do you go about learning the tactics for a fight?:
Video guides, dungeon journal and practice.

Do you have any issues wiping several times on a boss?:
Nope, failures are part of learning the boss.


Application Availability Info:
Sunday -> Don\'t Know
Monday -> Don\'t Know
Tuesday -> Don\'t Know
Wednesday -> Don\'t Know
Thursday -> Don\'t Know
Friday -> Don\'t Know
Saturday -> Don\'t Know

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