HC Cleared, Mythic Starting !

by Pryora, 43 days ago

After a great HC clear last week we are now on to Mythic progression. For this however we are still (as always) Looking for some exceptional DPS (Ranged preferred). 

If you are interested you can of course apply here or contact us in game for a trial run. 

We are also filling the week up with Mythic+ and older content runs atm to farm AP and help gear up our alts and socials. For this we are always looking for some fun, like minded and mature people that are interested in these kinds of runs or perhaps are gearing to raid with us on progression later on. 

I wish I had more to tell everyone out there, but at the moment all eyes and focus are on progression. We aim to clear Mythic as soon as we can and are looking forward to it. More updates will hopefully follow soon and of course to everyone in the guild: Well done on clearing Heroic :) 

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